Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sad News, Readers

Hi everyone...this is Her.

I have sad news that Buck the Cat passed away April 22, 2013.

He lived a full, wonderful, vibrant life and was, in my opinion, the Best Cat Ever.

I miss him, I love him still, and the world is a much emptier place without my darling boy.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rain rain Rain rain THUNDER!!!!

Well, good day to you all.
I know, I know, it's been rather a long time since I posted anything.

 Let's just say..... time has passed, I'm a bit older, a bit stiffer in the joints, and it's a little harder to get myself sparkling clean like I did when I was a kitten.

These days there's nothing better than a good nap. Once
 again the Warm has returning, and sometimes I go out with MMmeee and other time I get to go out with Her. Yay. There is tasty grass to be had by the green tree, and I like it there, best.
For there I can hide and be a Mighty Tiger, and no one can see me.

Other days I will go to the other side  on the hard dirt when I need to sun my bones....but it can get TOO warm there (such a thing!) and I do not stay very long. (I have noticed when I am warm however the ups-and-downs are easier on my hindquarters.)

I watch the Young One chase invisible spiders, and sometimes real ones. He really has a lot of energy. And quite cowardly, if I may say so. He runs and hides over the silliest things, like today. It is raining, and there is much growling from the sky. I am unafraid, for of course, I am a Brave Big Boy Tiger. But he jumps and runs and hides.


BuckinhamToday, my friends I have news! Yes! Something exciting. Look to the left, and that handsome Feline is none other than Myself. I am on the cover.

You may see more here:


Things are things here. What else may I tell you.

 I do not like using the ups-and-downs at all.
She brought me up them, and I do *not* like that. It is hard to come down them. (even though She does carry me, I feel it is rather undignified.)

That night she took me up, I let her know in the only way I could (and I am embarassed to let you know how) that this Up was Unacceptable. What I did next, well, I am not proud of.

But I had a point to make.

And so , I made it.

She yelped, yanked me off the bed and then stuffed a TOWEL under my rear end. Most undignified. After much yelping and sharp loud noises in My direction, She brought me down, and never has returned me Up. I am quite comfortable, thank you, on my couch.

I had a point to make, and I did.

Today I had some catnip, and now am stretched out and She is beside me, and I am content. Perhaps She will brush me....that would be nice. I shall Purr and look Cutely up at Her, (She is a sucker for that look, heh).

Good day everyone. I hope you are all well and happy as I am.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I am hiding in the herb garden.

No one knows I am here, except for the chirping crickets.

I have rolled and rolled in the wet and the grass and the grreeeeeen greeeeen.

I am minty fresh.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thunder and Booming and other Loud Noises

Usually this time of night, I am curled up beside Her as she types on the pooter and I watch TV.

I am hiding down in my kittyjail tonite because I do Not Like Thunderstorms. They are too loud.

And I am a bit unnerved by the currents that you twoleggers do not seem to being watched while you eat through a one way mirror.....that's how a storm feels to a Cat.

I am going to try to sleep. You two leggers pay attention! If your animals hide, you should, too.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Aaahhhhh.....warm warm warm.

Today has been a Very Good Day.

Mmmeee let me Outside this morning and it has been a glorious day. Warm warm warm....warm. Mmm. I purr from happiness.

And then, She came home and came Outside with me! We dug in the garden, I showed her where the spots were that needed some fixing. Weeds were everywhere, and I needed My Spot cleaneded up. She did a very good job.

I closed my eyes and let the sun do its work.... flexing my TigerPaws into the sweet smelling earth.....and listened to the squawkers flying overhead and supervised the crawlers as they did their thing. Busy busy busy. Not I. I am a Cat.
I yawned and is Good to be a Cat.

My hips do not hurt as much in the Warm. I like the sun as it seems to seep into my bones and all is well.

I wish I did not have to have the stingy bitter food. She says it is Good For Me, but I do Not like the taste. But it does help my hips, I suppose....blech.  Not even the Young One will try to steal it, it tastes that bitter.

I wish that I could have Nice Tasting Food that helped me.

Friday, August 12, 2011


I am Trying to have a nap, on the couch. And I cannot.
For She is taking up TWO WHOLE CUSHIONS with her stringy bits and poky sticks.

There are bits and pieces everywhere and I am trying to find an uncluttered spot. But everytime I move something sticks to me or a get a paw stuck and it's GRR annoying. I tell Her so but she Laughed At Me. The nerve.
And when I stretched out to let Her know she was taking too Much Room one of the poky sticks kept POKING ME right by my leg. She did apologize and petted me a bit. But still.

I think I like this even less than when She gets the whirry machine and then there is string (tasty string though I will admit) EVERYWHERE and it gets stuck to me. (And if I eat the tasty string that falls, well, let's just say All is NOT well that comes out of your end well. If you get my meaning.)

Hmm. What to do.

I want Her to move over. She will not.

I shall strategically place my long strong back against the back wall of the cowch and s t r e t c h out my legs....push Her over by sneakiness.  Shift and S t r e t ch. Shift and S t r e t c h.

Great. Now She is just sitting on my legs and I am once again covered in stringy bits.

I shall let Her know with a small growl She is in my Spot.

She's not paying attention.

      Maybe She will get the hint if I stare at her.


  I shall try purring and being Extrordinarily Cute.
...well She reacheded over and petted me. Not exactly what I was going for. But I did get a kiss on my tabbyforehead.

    Maybe if I reach out an exploratory claw......snag this stringy bit...ooh, springy.....maybe if I pull....

OW. She Pinged me right on the head. Grr.
I am going to go lay in the sun. By the door. I give Her A Look. So She knows that I am Not Pleased as I leave the cowch.

I am disgruntled....but I like the colours She is using. And I know that whatever She is making will be comfy warm for me to lay on.

Ah. The warm sun.. Ahhhh.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Things I Like

Sleeping Outside under something green and cool.

Napping on my couch, where my Tabbystripes cleverly conceal me.

Furry little toy mice I can chew the tails off of.


Getting brushed except by my bum.

When MMmmee lets me Out first thing in the morning.


New Smells (if they are good.).

When She brushes and pets me and does that thing in my ears and my eyes roll back. I know they do. I know it's not my best look. But it FEELS SO GOOD!!!!

Watching the Young One go fast around the house and smash into the window. It's not mean. It's life. He'll learn. Or he won't. And I shall continue to be wise and say nothing.


Wet food mixed with my dry food with a splash of water.


Flexing my mighty paws and claws on my scratching Post.

Napping in the warm warm sun.

Eating grass in the warm warm sun.

Yawning like you mean it.

Watching the Weather Network with MMmmee.